First Look

In December 2015, Albany Barn was honored to be invited to partner with The Community Builders to develop a maker’s space and creative-arts incubator in the Hamilton Hill community. The next two and a half years were spent researching, planning, and building partnerships to bring our vision for Electric City Barn to life. We hope you’ve been following our progress, and feeling the excitement build!

Before we open to the public in late-October we invite you to join us on Wednesday, October 24th beginning at 5:30 p.m. for an invitation-only “First Look” event featuring:

  • Tour of studios and facilities
  • Presentations with our inaugural makers-in-residence
  • Samples of local craft beverages
  • Delectable small-bites from local restaurants

We’re ready to start building connection between skilled artists/craftsman and community members looking to expand their skills. Those relationships have the potential to have real economic impact on all involved—and we are honored to provide the facilities, equipment, technical assistance, and professional development to ensure these collaborations are successful!

We can’t wait to show you just how creativity works!


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400 Craig Street St. Columba School
400 Craig Street St. Columba School
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