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For the Fairies by Kim Tateo



Title: For the Fairies
Artist: Kim Tateo

Size: 16 x 20
Medium: mixed media  (unframed canvas w/ hanging wire)
Year produced: 2017

Not available for shipping.
Contact-less delivery only in Albany, Saratoga, Rensslaer, & Schenectady County

How to connect with the artist:
Facebook Kim Tateo Studio
Instagram – @lookalittlecloser

About the Artist:
Kim Tateo is an artist who paints her feelings into worlds of whimsy. A common theme for her
work is interconnectedness—to each other as humans and to the Earth. Her work moves between
releasing feelings into abstract expressions and creating magical worlds which are meant to be the
unseen spaces where all hearts are connected. Her work is meant to evoke a sense of dreaming,
playfulness, peace and gently pull on the heartstrings of whimsy that are in all beings. ♥
Her recent works have been exploring the idea of moving through the “ego” or the “self” and into
the collective—the heart space where we are all flooded with love. Moving from somewhere to
everywhere, moving from someone to everyone, from something to everything.
The paintings provided for the Albany Barn are part of the “What Blooms in Moonlight?” series.
This is a series that explores light.
The world is full of so much feeling, so much darkness. But how do we find light? Can we move
through the “shadow” side of things and move through to find beauty and magic? Where will we
focus our attention?
The paintings from this set are all blacklight responsive.


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