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Albany Barn partners with several organizations and nonprofits across the Capital Region to bring engaging, inspiring programming and artistic content to the community.
Are you part of an organization looking to bring art and creativity into the mix through community collaboration?
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Learn about our partnerships below, as well as how you can team up with The Barn for future programming and artistic endeavors. 

Albany Public Library

Albany Barn and the Albany Public Library have been developing collaborative programming for the past 5 years. Programs include Stories & Art in the Park, an annual summer series that features Storytime and guided crafting for kids ages 8 and under, and a variety of both adult and teen art classes offered at the library and led by Barn artists.
Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Barn and APL have partnered to bring free high quality art classes to the community through Zoom.
With a reach of 7 library branches and an average reach of 5,000 individuals per month throughout the city of Albany, the APL provides free services and resources to community members of all ages.

Wildwood Programs

Albany Barn & Wildwood Program (a nonprofit organization that strengthens the well-being of people with disabilities and their families through innovative supports) partnered in the Spring of 2016 to present the first Community Integrated Arts Program & Exhibition, held at The Barn’s Stage 1 gallery. The Community Integrated Arts Program provides expressive arts education opportunities to individuals from Wildwood’s Art Education Program and Young Adult Program.

Under the partnership, youth and adult participants of the Wildwood Programs create original works of art in a variety of mediums that are then delivered to The Barn, where staff and artists draw inspiration to then create their own art. The collection is then hung and displayed at The Barn for the Collaborative Arts Exhibition.  Now in its 5th year, the exhibition reception is one of the most well attended events on The Barn’s calendar and has helped cultivate skills and collaborative relationships across the organizations.

In addition to the exhibition, Barn & Wildwood artists frequently come together to host collaborative art lessons and activities, where the artists can practice their work and learn new artistic skills from one another.

Albany Barn & Wildwood

Neff Gorman, Artist

Robert Jones, Artist

Third Annual Collab. Art Show

Arbor Hill Elementary School

Albany Barn, along with other community members and artists,  has joined forces with Arbor Hill Elementary School for Play, Learn & Soar, a twice monthly playgroup for children from birth to 3 years old that promotes healthy child/parent relationships, grows school and community partnerships, and prepares the school’s future students for lifelong learning and success.  Staff of The Barn develop and teach a craft activity each month utilizing supplies that are easy to find at home.  

In addition to the Play, Learn & Soar program, Albany Barn works with Arbor Hill Elementary School to provide artistic lessons and activities throughout the school year, including tabling at their annual Arbor Hill Field Day and leading instruction at their monthly PBIS celebration. 

Are you part of an organization looking to bring art and creativity into the mix through community collaboration?
Contact us! 
Call 518-935-4858 ex. 14 or email

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