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Nancy Fairchild

Nancy Fairchild


I am an oil painter who focuses on the figure, alone or in groups, but the true subject of my paintings is light and color, and how it can be manipulated to create the impression of realism with flattened planes of color. 

My paintings, taken from direct observation and from my own digital photos, convey my love of both the subject matter and the paint I apply in creamy, sometimes dripping, strokes.

I paint figures, alone or in small groups, surrounded by familiar objects. I seek universal images in which we can all recognize ourselves. They are contemplative, caught in the moment between actions — the pause between the notes. I work from snapshots, life sketches and my imagination.


My people seem especially alone when they sit near an empty chair – waiting, watching, thinking, reading. My beach figures observe the scene or interact quietly. While the figures are restful, the paintings are alive from the interaction of broad abstract spaces and minimally painted objects. The colors are subtly hued, making maximum use of patterns of lights and darks to create powerful compositions. I’m interested in portraying light and shadow directly from observation of nature. I work in the modernist manner, using flat plains of color, with oil on board or canvas.

I studied art as an undergraduate at DePauw University in Indiana, and continued my art studies at The Art Students League in NYC, Millersville College in PA, and Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I created a publishing and conference company that addressed the use of microcomputers in the financial industry. After twenty-two years of business, I retired to focus on painting full time. I was a member of the Pleiades Gallery in NYC for 10 years, and have since exhibited up and down the eastern seaboard, winning several awards along the way.


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