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Margo Macero

Margo Macero is a performing artist from New York. She has been studying instrumentation since the age of seven and stands as an active performing artist since the age of twelve.
As the hailing niece of Teo Macero, a revolutionary producer for Columbia Records, she carries the music in her blood. Teo is known for his work with Miles Davis on producing the best selling jazz album of all time, “Kind Of Blue,” amongst a number of historical jazz anthems. Margo has demonstrated her motivation to continue the legacy with a direction of her own.
After attending Berklee College of Music at an early age, she went on to release a five song EP at 19 years old titled, “Colors In The Sky.” In light of the project, she quickly gained regional attention with a strong following.
Margo is known to deliver bone chilling performances with passionate power house vocals and aggressive guitar solos. With the ability to impact a wide audience, Macero is not only a genuine artist, but an inspiring and relatable person. Her uncompromising determination has been characterized as boundless.


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