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Thank you for your interest in a live/work apartment at Academy Lofts at The Barn! There is a two part application process beginning with an income qualification followed by an artist qualification for those individuals who qualify based on income.

To determine eligibility based on income, applicants should fill out the Housing Application available on our website.

The household gross income limits are as follows:

  • 1 Person: $27,200
  • 2 People: $31,100

Please note: All apartments at Academy Lofts are studio or 1 bedroom units.

Part 1 – Income Qualification Process:

Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted for a follow up interview by the Albany Housing Authority to verify your income as needed. Some of the paperwork you may be asked to provide includes, but is not limited to:

  • Birth certificates & social security cards for all household members
  • Tax returns for the previous 2 years
  • Pay stubs for the previous 5 weeks
  • Proof of non-W2 income such as, SSI/SSDI, unemployment compensation, child support, pension payments, and records of sales of artistic works or performance fees.
  • Current employer references including company name, address, and contact information for supervisor or HR representative who can verify employment.
  • Landlord references including name, address, and phone number.
  • Copy of most recent bank statement for all active accounts including checking, savings and retirement/annuity accounts.

**Please note you will also be asked to sign a release authorizing a criminal background check to be used to determine your eligibility for subsidized housing.

Part 2- Artist Selection Process:

Once Albany Barn has been informed that an applicant has met the requirements for subsidized housing based on income and background check results, applicants will be contacted to participate in a brief interview with an Artist Selection Committee (ASC).  Please note that you will not be contacted to schedule an interview until you are within the top 10 applicants on the wait list.

The ASC will be made up of 5-7 community members with a vested interest in the local arts including established artists, leaders of arts organizations, and demonstrated patrons of the arts, as well as representatives from Albany Barn’s Board of Directors.  All ASC members will be trained in the mission and vision of Albany Barn as well as Fair Housing standards.

Applicants will have the opportunity to share an artist statement, artistic resume, and/or professional portfolio at the beginning of their interview with the ASC. The purpose of portfolio/resume review is not to judge the perceived quality of an applicant’s work, but rather to get a sense of the time and energy the applicant is putting into their creative work. To ensure that each applicant is evaluated consistently, all applicants will be subject to the same 10 interview questions. Questions are geared towards evaluating two key pieces of information: the level of commitment the applicant demonstrates to his/her creative work and the applicants’ commitment to community both inside the building and beyond its walls.

All questions will be scored anonymously by the members of the ASC on a scale of 1-5. Applicants who have an average score of 4 or more will be given artist preference and will be matched with an appropriate available unit, or put on the artist waiting list in the order their application was received. Any applicant scoring below a 4 will be placed on a non-artist waiting list, and will be matched with an appropriate unit only if a qualified artist is not available.

Because the scoring process is anonymous, there is no appeal process for the ASC’s decision. If an applicant wishes to be interviewed again after being placed on a non-artist waiting list they may do so after 90 days.

Applicants will be notified by mail of the ASC’s decision regarding artist or non-artist preference within 10 business days of their interview. It is extremely important that all applicants provide a valid mailing address on all application materials to ensure eligibility determinations are delivered.

Once an applicant has been matched with an appropriate unit, they will be contacted to sign a lease for the unit and have an orientation with the property manager.

Please note: You do NOT have to be an artist to apply for housing, however artists will receive preference for available units.


Residential Tenant Fees:

All tenants will be required to have an inspection of their current residence completed by a licensed pest control company unless your current residence is regularly inspected. If an inspection is required, the cost is $50.

A security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent (or a minimum of $250) and the 1st months rent is due prior to lease signing. Rent is made payable to Albany Housing Authority, and may be paid in person at the SEFCU branch at 200 S. Pearl Street or online.

Utilities (gas/electric) are the responsibility of the tenant and each tenant will need to set up an account with National Grid, however there is a utility allowance of $69 for a studio unit and $89 for a 1-bedroom unit that will be deducted from your calculated monthly rent to assist you with these costs.

Cable, phone & internet services are not provided for within the residential units. If you wish to have these you may select a provider and arrange for installation at your own expense. (Note: tenants will be able to access free Wi-fi in the common areas of the creative incubator space, however because of the building’s construction- the signal will not carry into the residential units)

If you wish to have a pet, you must comply with Albany Housing’s pet policy and will require a registration fee of $25 and a refundable damage deposit of $100.00 (payable in installments).


If you are an artist and do not income qualify for a live/work apartment, but are still interested in work-only space at The Barn, please fill out the work studio application under the Live & Work here tab on our homepage and someone will get back to you!

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