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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210



July L.O.W. Down @ The Barn brings "Harlem Nights" vibe to the table

In it’s second iteration, The L.O.W. Down at The Barn, a partnership of Albany Barn and The L.O.W. Foundation, offers a 1920’s themed adults-only night out featuring live music and game tournaments including Checkers, Dominoes, Chess, Spades, and Uno.

Guests may come as a spectators, or get in on the action for the full “Harlem Nights” experience! Prizes will be awarded for the winner of each game, and refreshments will be available for purchase. More information and tickets available in our online shop.

About Our Partner: The L.O.W. (Leaders Operating Wisely) Foundation is a non profit organization focused on preservation and advancement of hip hop culture while providing advocacy to communities that are disproportionately affected by gun violence and poverty. The mission of the organization is to provide mentoring, recreation, outreach, and advocacy for residents in their target areas.

About L.O.W. Down @ The Barn: Kicking off in June, 2015 The L.O.W. Down @ The Barn is a monthly performance and public information series meant to showcase local and regional artists and performers through events that bring together neighbors and strangers alike for the enjoyment of live-performances and informative talks, while raising funds to support the community-focused initiatives of Albany Barn and The L.O.W. Foundation.


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