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Kid’s Art Class is Back!

After taking some time off, our Kid’s Art Class is back this Monday, May 6th from 6-7:30pm!
We have a monthly line-up of talented, dedicated artists ready to share their passion and knowledge with our local youth.  Pick and choose your classes, or come every week to experience one theme interpreted in multiple ways.
No reservation is required, and class is always free to attend.
Learn a little more about our artists below; hope to see you next week!
(Questions?  Email us!


First Monday of the month:
Urban Art with James & Matthew of Young Futures
Young Futures provide programming that allows children to explore their imagination, individualism, and creative passions, all while assisting them with developing different life and educational coping skills.  Attendees of this class will explore these themes through various craft-based projects, including candle-making, sneaker design, and more.
Age Range: all ages!

Second Monday of the month:
Art Exploration with Megan Ruch
Megan is an experienced painter and has been teaching children painting technique for several years.  She specializes in landscapes and water, but also enjoys painting animals and figures.  Children attending this class will learn about color theory and various paint techniques in a fun, low-key environment.
Age Range: 8 and up

Third Monday of the month:
Personal Storytelling through art with Royal Brown
Royal is a self-made artist with a passion for spiritualism and a background in therapy work. Attendees of this class will have the opportunity to explore their emotions and personal history through paint, sculpture, and mixed media.
Age Range: 10 and up

*Fourth Mondays of the month will feature a rotating guest artist, or will be utilized by one of our regular instructors when teaching a large-scale, multi-week project. 

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