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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210



Help Albany Barn win $2,000.00!

The Albany Barn has been nominated to become the Grand Finalist in the SAGECares Community Support program for 2014, sponsored by SAGE Computer Associates, honoring The Barn’s contribution to the Capital Region.

To become the Grand Finalist The Albany Barn must collect the most votes online to win.

Voting begins on Thursday, September 4th 2014 and ends on Wednesday, December 17th 2014.

You can vote once per device/computer during the contest and the first organization to receive 200 votes gets a $100 bonus – so vote today!

To vote for The Albany Barn click the link below and cast your vote now.

The SAGECares program was established in 2010 to formalize their continued support to our local Tech Valley community.  To date, the SAGECares program has donated $23,659 to local organizations, and has the goal of reaching $35,000 by 2014.

There are a total of 10 non-profit organizations involved, 5 social services and 5 arts & education. As a finalist, The Albany Barn will receive $750 and have the opportunity to win $2000 or more.

One organization from each category (social and arts/education) will become the Grand Finalist. To become the Grand Finalist, The Albany Barn must obtain the most votes in the arts & education category.

To vote for The Albany Barn click the link below and cast your vote now.


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