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Four local designers sign on for Fusion 2014 Designers' Challenge!

As we prepare to pay homage to Arbor Hill’s vibrant past during Fusion 2014 we are pleased to include in the mix some of Albany’s well established and up-and-coming fashion designers in the mix! The Fusion 2014 Designers’ Challenge asked local fashion designers to submit a design inspired by one of the many buildings and businesses that laid the foundation for Arbor Hill in its hay day including Mike’s Log Cabin & Grill- a popular restaurant, night club, and event venue; St. Joseph’s Academy- the current home of The Barn; V.J. Franze & Sons Market- the community’s family grocer for more than 100 years; and The Arbor Theatre- a turn of the century movie theatre in the heart of the N. Swan Street corridor.

Four designers have risen to the challenge, including Arbor Hill native and long-time designer Sylvia Robinson-Jordan, capital region music-teacher-turned-designer Katie Pray, Albany native and creator of KaNarri, Lakeshia Motley, and Troy native and self-proclaimed functional fine artist Michael Maiello.

The designers were challenged to use photos, anecdotal stories, and artifacts from each of these Arbor Hill landmarks to create a complete outfit that is inspired by the past, but indicative of the future. Sylvia Robinson will be designing a look inspired by The Arbor Theatre. Katie Pray’s design will be inspired by St. Joseph’s Academy/The Barn. LaKeshia Motley will design a look inspired by V.J. Franze & Sons Market, and Michael Maiello will design a look inspired by Mike’s Log Cabin & Grill. Their progress and artistic process will be followed and documented by Jamel Mosely of Mel eMedia, and their final designs will be revealed during Fusion 2014.

Tickets for Fusion are on sale now! Join us on October 17, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. to see the final designs from these unique and talented designers!


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