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Cap City Slam

Cap City Slam

December 4, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:15 pm
Cap City Slam

Doors Open & Signup: 6:30PM. Open Mic begins at 7PM, followed by Poetry Slam! (That’s a lot of slams).

$3 entry before 7PM, $5 after. Get here early and get your seat!

About Nitty Gritty:
All poetry and art that is not r@c!st, qu33rph0bic, s3x!st, @bleist, or otherwise off3nsive is enthusiastically welcome to be shared! We aim to create a loving community that fosters dialogue and safe space surrounding difficult topics. We aim for r@d!cal accessibility and are going to be in continuous dialogue and examination around how to do so.

**This is a dry event that will also feature an introvert corner with crafts and grounding activities**

We send poets to slams all over the so-called Un!ted St@tes. We share pieces of our souls and inadvertently win slams. We elevate qu33r femmes. We bring honesty, softness, and fire all at once. Our community is truth bearing. Raw. Original. Live. And like no other. Come leave it on the stage. Or receive it in the sea of audience dopeness you co-create. Either way we wouldn’t want to spend such a momentous event with anyone other than YOU!

Listen! Watch! Read! Judge! Chill! Do You BooBoo!

No pressure to do anything more than be present.

Cash and/or art prizes for the winners. $$$

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