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Dan Doyle

Work-Only Residency

Medium(s): Photography, Oil Painting, Acryllic Painting

Company: Dan Doyle Photography



In 1987 Dan Doyle opened his first photography studio and has been shooting as a full time professional photographer ever since. Over the 28 year span he has shot all over the country for numerous clients.

Working with many of the top name modeling agencies, as well as commercial clients, designers, and magazines.

Most of his time these days is split between upstate, NY, Boston, and the Jersey Shore.

Dan has been putting much attention into his educational classes and workshops. For the more advanced.

Fully knowing his way around professional lighting gear, he still chooses Mother Nature’s natural light whenever possible.

Something he fell in love with back in his south beach days shooting for Ford and Elite model agencies.

In addition to photography being a passion, so is painting and playing the bass guitar.

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