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Christie Olson

Work-Only Residency

Medium(s): Photography, Mixed Media

Photography has always been the outcast in the art scene, so has Christie. Abstract art is messy and confusing, so is Christie. When creating her mixed media pieces, Christie uses past trauma, combined with paint and photography to heal her wounds. Christie has always been drawn to abstract art because it can mean nothing, or it can mean everything. An artist’s intent might not always be communicated to their audience with their work, however, each viewer can take from it what they need. Christie’s current work is focusing more on brushstroke technique and the struggles of womanhood in 2020. 

Although Christie works primarily with photography and painting, she has a great appreciation for all art forms. This year she started Atypical Art Podcast on Youtube, where she interviews underrepresented artists ranging from painters to performers, and everything in-between. She also has an offshoot of the podcast called Atypical Art Kids, where she reads young adult/children’s books about art and includes a craft/project idea at the end. Christie hopes to inspire people of all ages to just make art, no matter their skill level or age. 




Instagram: wild.rose.arts 

Facebook: Wild Rose Art

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