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Calling all musical theater enthusiasts!

Our friends at Lights Up Productions are seeking male actors for their fall production of Murder Ballad.  Murder Ballad is a high energy, intense rock musical that is the dramatic story of a love triangle gone wrong, centering on Sara, an uptown girl who seems to have it all, but whose downtown past lingers enticingly and dangerously in front of her.*

Seeking actors and singers ages 18 -35.

*Michael *
A poetry PhD who Sara elicits and her eventual husband. Sweet and calming,
he is willing to provide nothing but the best for those he loves. He shows
how cold he can become when he finds out about Sarah’s affair.
Gender: male
Age: 18-35
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: F#2

Sara’s first lover and an ambitious starving artist and actor. His
alcoholism, constant affairs, and general selfishness put a strain on his
relationships. He becomes obsessed and stalker-like in his mannerisms
toward Sara.
Gender: male
Age: 18 to 35
Vocal range top: F#4

*Audition Requirements:*
Please prepare a verse and a chorus of a musical theatre song of your
choice, as well as a verse and chorus from a song from the show, along with
a karaoke or track of your selections.

Email with your video submission or any questions

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