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Zach Sicard

Work-Only Residency

Instagram: @zachsicard_design
Artist Bio
Zach is a Capital Region native, growing up in Rotterdam and Guilderland. His passion for art began at an early age, but really took off when he began airbrushing at the age of 12 at Rotterdam Square Mall. A few years later he landed his first job airbrushing at T-Shirt Spot in
Crossgates where he would hone his craft for the next 12 years. During that time he was able to paint everything from clothing to motorcycle helmets, as well as create custom 1 of 1 pieces for a few rappers and athletes. He first earned his associates in fine arts at Hudson Valley Community College where he fell in love with oil painting. After HVCC he transferred to Russell Sage and earned his BFA in Graphic & Media Design. Today, Zach works full time as a graphic designer at NOVUS Clothing Company where he designs custom apparel and supports NOVUS’ marketing team. In his free time he continues to airbrush, paint, design, and coach HS football. With this new opportunity at The Barn he hopes to give back to the local community through art and design, as well as continue to create new work!
Artist Statement

Zach’s airbrush work is more commercial and usually commission based. Many of his works feature people who lost their lives to violence in the Capital Region, as well as vibrant and eye catching characters. Through this medium he has been able to build a strong connection to the
local communities where much of the violence is taking place, and build long lasting relationships with the people affected most. Zach’s oil painting work usually involves real life imagery that is jarring and loud. The images are often historical photos that show scenes from war and pop culture that have been slightly altered or combined. His work aims to highlight the contrast of lives people live during the same periods of time, as well as raise questions as to historical narratives. With this new opportunity at The Barn he hopes to continue to push this idea of contrasting lives during the same period of time, and explore deeper into historical narratives. He also plans to step more into the abstract expressionism space.

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