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Shannon Egan

Artistic Member

Instagram: @shannoneganart 
Facebook- Shannon Egan Art
Artist Bio
I’m Shannon Egan, abstract artist, certified Therapeutic Art Coach and owner of Shannon Egan Art based in Upstate NY. What started for me as just a passion for painting has now bloomed into a powerful mission to help people live happier, healthy lives through art healing. My art
journey began when I started turning to abstract expressionism and intuitive painting to better process my emotions and manage my overall mental health. The subject of my paintings are purely driven by my intellectual spirit, moods, experiences and connection to music. I’ve developed holistic and creative coping mechanisms through a process that involves intentional thought, mindful meditation, and color processing that I aspire to share with people to help balance their emotional management. Certified by the Transformation Academy, I am a practicing Therapeutic Art Life Coach and work one-on-one or in groups with clients enabling them to experience the emotional freedom of art healing. Putting my degree to practice and experimenting with my passion for painting has led me on a path to help people live a healthy, happy life and embrace the beauty of being a work in progress. You can learn more about the benefits of art healing and my offerings at
Artist Statement

Art has enabled me to discover a deeper meaning for the world in which I exist. It empowers me to express my emotions and the parts of myself that are otherwise unexplainable. As an abstract expressionist and intuitive painter, I use acrylics and a blank canvas to tell the story of
my personal experiences. I always begin with journaling to open my mind, and meditation to connect with my emotions. My work is frequently inspired by my love for music – the lyrics and instruments arouse intentional and gestural brush strokes that dance around the canvas, allowing the observer to walk through each chapter of my story. Each color represents specific emotions evoked during the moment of creation. I frequently take steps back during the process to observe my work from different perspectives and view the story as a whole. My intuition guides me through my next move as I play around with color and get lost in the process of painting. To me, abstract art is a therapeutic tool I want to share with others so they too can experience the power of art to heal our inner selves.

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