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A Musical and Artistic Interpretation of Albany’s Inner City Green Spaces: visual art exhibition presented by Dylan Perrillo

Join us for the opening reception of A Musical and Artistic Interpretation of Albany’s Inner City Green Spaces presented by Dylan Perrillo.
This exhibition will be on display through Saturday May 8th.  Viewing hours TBA (will be announced here).

This project was created to illuminate the many public outdoor spaces in the City of Albany in an effort to promote the use of these places as well as to encourage better stewardship.

A green space from each of Albany’s fifteen different wards was chosen as the subject of a musical composition and subsequently an artists’ interpretation. Everyone involved in the project is a member of the local community and each visual artist was chosen because on their bond with their corresponding ward. The goal of this project was to convey a unique snapshot of an individuals experience within these green spaces in their ever-changing urban environments.
Bring your smartphone & headphones for the full immersive experience!

The musicians:

Tucker Callander- Violin
Zack Cohen- Guitar
Dylan Perrillo- Upright Bass and Composition

The incredible artists involved in the project are:

Royal Brown
Ashely Busby
Paula Frazell
Kate Glenn
Cara May Gorman
Chris Howzer
Catherine McTague
Theresa McTague
Jamel Mosely
Pam Poquette
Julia Posin
Nova Stardust
Sarah Van Cleve
Kiki Vassilikas
Jackie Zysk

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