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Artist Residency Opportunity @ The Barn’s Stage 1 Gallery!

Albany Barn, in partnership with local community activist Jammella Anderson, seeks proposals from BIPOC for a 3-month sponsored artist residency program (November 2020-January 2021) to be housed at our Stage 1 gallery, located at 46-48 North Swan Street, Albany.  

 All applications must contain the following information:

  • Name, bio, & all relevant web links/profiles (website, social media profiles, etc) that showcase your work/creative area of focus
  • An outline of the specific project that will be worked on during the residency period, including timeline and end-of-term deliverables (priority will be given to proposals that feature an end-of-term community event, such as an art exhibition or performance free and open to the public)
  • A full list of other artists/collaborators associated with the project (if applicable)
  • A description of how this project will elevate the voices of local BIPOC

All mediums/focuses will be considered; Priority will be given to proposals that focus on youth programming/outreach, especially within the Arbor Hill community.

All building-associated operating costs (including rent, utilities, and wifi) will be covered by Barn administration & project sponsors.  Selected resident artist(s) and all associated collaborators are responsible for joining The Barn as (a) member(s) ($50 membership fee per artist) and agree to be filmed/photographed for promotional purposes as administration and project sponsors see fit. 
Administration support will also be available to offer additional resources throughout the residency period as needed, including website hosting of tickets/art sales, professional development services, obtaining of insurance (if applicable), etc

The deadline to submit an application is Thursday, 10/22 at 6pm.   Applications may be submitted via email to using the subject line STAGE 1 RESIDENCY APPLICATION.  Applicants can expect to be notified of a decision no later than Monday, October 26th.  Residency will begin on November 1st, 2020. 

We covered a few FAQ’s below, but if you have any additional questions you can direct them to

Q: Do you require additional documentation other than what’s listed on this page?
A: Nope!  It’s a pretty simple application, so all you need is what’s listed out above.

Q: Is there a form I should fill out to apply?
A: Nope!  Just send us an email and make sure the body of the email covers everything we listed out.

Q: Is housing included in the program?
A: Unfortunately not; this residency only includes workspace (and a beautiful one, at that!)

Q: So what is my financial obligation exactly?
A: The only obligation you have is to become a member of The Barn, which is a $50 charge. The rent of the building, as well as the utilities and the wifi, are covered by us!

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