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Jeff Johnson

Work-Only Residency

Medium: Photography


Instagram: @byjjphotos

Facebook: Photos Byjj

Jeff Johnson is the owner of Electric City Photography and a long-time member at The Barn’s sister space, the Electric City Barn. Jeff specializes in portrait and event photography, though you may have seen him around working one of his many portable photo booths–a service he offers that provides a fun, immediate way to capture memories at any event. Jeff worked as a carpenter for much of his early life and would take photos as a side business and hobby until finally deciding many years ago to make the career change and commit fully to his photography business. He is also a professional with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and is now an instructor at the Electric City Barn. In his Photoshop 101 workshop, Jeff gives people the skills they need to begin photo editing at any level.

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