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Shining Light: Remembering Duane Todman

As we prepare to come together with the family, friends, mentors, and colleagues of Duane Todman, we want to share with you a video filmed with Duane at Electric City Barn shortly after New York State on PAUSE went into effect in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This video is just one of the countless examples of Duane reaching out to others to connect through his art. As a past artist-in-residence at Albany Barn, and regular at Electric City Barn, Duane not only created meticulous works of visual art, but expanded his practice to include music, writing, and community building. In doing so, Duane sowed many seeds of goodwill and friendship and leaves behind a legacy of immense talent, dedication, creativity, and kindness.

We will continue to shine Duane’s light forward into the world, and are honored to support his closest family and friends in the launch of the Duane X Arts Foundation. Please enjoy this video of Duane. It is now a cherished memory of a creative spirit gone too soon from this world. As we all move forward, feeling the loss of Duane, we hope you all will embrace your own creativity, strive to see the beauty in the world, and connect unapologetically with those whose paths you cross.

With love,

The Barn Team

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is truly a gift to hear Duane’s voice again, and to listen to him speak about art as a process and a sort of destination that invites everyone. Duane was one of the strongest, most patient and present people I’ve ever known. I miss him, deeply.

  2. I cant believe your gone but i am glad you will not be forgotten, see you one day it seems like just yesterday riding bmx in Corinth playing xbox . He was also one of the fastest people i ever new , ill miss you duane .

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