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Lori Kochanski: Riparian Zone Studio

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I practice fiber art as work of peace and resistance.

My love of fiber and fabric and stories are where all of my projects begin and end. I use yarn and wedding dresses and fabric and buttons and zippers and old shirts and sticks and feathers and things that look like trash to create cohesive, storied pieces of art.

My home base is the Riparian Zone Studio at the Albany Barn.  In nature, the riparian zone is the fertile, messy and necessary place where the water meets the land. My space and time at the Albany Barn have certainly been fertile and necessary for growing and stretching as an artist in community.

1) Mindfulness and Meditation practice
2) fiber arts ( weaving, knitting)
3) helping people listen to their own life

Q. & A.
Q: What do you hope to gain from serving as a Professional Development Expert with The Barn?
A:    1) sharing helpful tools and practices to support artists
2) encourage community resource sharing

instagram: lori_kochanski
facebook: Riparian Zone Studio at the Albany Barn
Phone: 610-360-0454

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