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Ashley Busby

Work-Only Residency

Instagram: ashleymbusby

Ashley Busby is an artist residing in Albany, NY. Originally from Houston, TX, Busby graduated from Houston Baptist University in 2012 with a degree in Fine Arts. She completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Lubbock, TX from Texas Tech University in 2016 with a certification in Art History. After finishing her degree Busby worked with the SHUMLA Archaeological Research Foundation in Comstock, TX studying native American Pictographs in the Lower Pecos region. She continues her research with image making and landscape in the North East, finding inspiration from the American Landscape painters of this region, documenting surfaces, and studying indigenous art.
Artist Statement
My body of work explores the potential of images and experiences from nature to grow beyond and rewrite themselves. Rather than the immediate experience with the landscape, these paintings take shape from the moments after. My process of building acrylic and oil paint is a search through the indefinite spaces that are born from removal and distance. Layers and marks are deposited on each surface, to create intricate natural structures. Each painting evolves over time, expanding and seeping past the boundaries of what I remember.    

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