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Messengers and Messages Show THIS Friday, 9/20!

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An out of this world experience awaits you at Messengers & Messages, an interactive visual art exhibition featuring sculpture and visual work created by artist Royal Brown.

The Messengers are a fleet of spaceships crafted from regular household objects that people tend to throw away without a second thought.  The Messages are a series of hieroglyphic wall hangings that are meant to be decoded by the viewer.  Combined in this unique immersive art experience, they are meant to evoke a sense of curiosity and surprise.  For you, the viewer, it is seeing these ships that resemble dragons, then recognizing the very familiar objects they are made of (and, for those who accept the challenge, to decipher the messages that come from a starship’s perspective and speak to your humanity).

Messengers & Messages opening reception will take place on Friday, September 20th, from 6-10pm.  The reception will feature mystic vendors, food and drink, and a chance to win prizes through decoding the hieroglyphic messages featured in the exhibition.  Admission is $10, or $15 with a translation booklet.

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