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Stress Management & Self Care 2-Part Seminar coming in May!

Join us on May 8th and 9th for this FREE 2-part series hosted by CDPHP! Personal development is just as important (if not more so!) as professional development, so we’re happy to bring you this fun and informative session.

Participants will be introduced to self-care through the development of a “mindfulness” practice, in addition to learning strategies from various healing modalities to optimize one’s health and well-being. Using demonstrations, videos, readings, discussions and practice, the initial steps will be taken to develop a personal self-care practice to reignite one’s energy.
This class is a two-part program lead by Nora Vallon-Burgos , RN, BSN, MSN, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Both sessions will occur from 6-7:30pm (May 8th & 9th, 2019).

CDPHP members may register ahead of time here:

Note: You do NOT have to be a CDPHP member to attend this session. Pre-registration is not required.

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