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Royal Brown

Royal is primarily a self-made artist.  Growing up with his father, art director in the Office of General Services for the state of New York, he was mentored from an early age, experimenting with pastels, oil, and acrylic paints, and with early efforts in sculpture.  After receiving his BA in fine arts from SUNY Albany in 1995 he started actively pursuing an art career. Gallery showings included the Knott Gallery at the Schenectady Museum, Hudson Valley Community College and the NYS Bi-Annual exhibit.

He then had a necessary career change from artist to therapist and spiritualist.  Attaining his LCSW and title of Babalowo, a priest of the Yoruba tradition of Ifa.  Today Royal’s work originates from these psychological and spiritual explorations. Utilizing abstract forms to represent ancestral spirits, spiritual dimensions, and interstellar vehicles.

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