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Artist David DiPasquale

On August 2nd the reception for our new exhibition “Impressive” took place right here at The Barn. After an evening filled with enjoyment of fine art, networking, and inspiration, we asked some of the amazing artists exhibiting work in our new print making exhibition to tell us a little bit about their work. 

Local artist David DiPasquale “Creating Oneness through Universal Artistic Vision. Art can heal us, inspire us, and alter our brain chemistry.  It can lead to an elevated state of consciousness, well being and better emotional health. Art is what changes the world.  The song that ignites the spirit and the painting that elevates the mind.  This is our path as visionaries, as artists, as manifestors of spirit – to tune into the highest vibration.  Why I feel the need to create, to make art?  As time passes, I started paying attention to what propels me to paint, as I painted. Some aspects are still a mystery to me but if I had to describe it, it literally feels like a tap on the shoulder or your mind from an unknown source.  So for as long as I can remember I’ve been answering the call to create!  From my youth into my adulthood, art has been the one source or outlet of creative process and thought that has allowed me to express and reflect my visions of this planet and universe. There is this immense urgency that it is important to bring these images onto canvas as best I can. Sometimes I wonder where certain visions come from, but then I realize I draw pure inspiration from our universe and it’s infinite connection to us and every living thing.   It’s Time to let the artists take over. We are all creators in our own way.  I can not simply stop once I complete something. This life is creation, and I will continue to do so with however long I am on this Earth.  I just want to say thank you and respect to all the artists of every kind…keep creating and bringing light to this universe! May we stay connected to the field of infinite compassion for all beings, begin to heal our divisions, and make art that awakens and transforms. Put your visions to reality!”

You can check out more of David’s on his website: or his Instagram,


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