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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210



Help us be a sign of hope!

A sign can seem like such a small part of a space or business, but as we recognize that times are strange and uncertain, we’re coming to realize that people need to know that The Barn is here – for everyone! We need to be a sign of hope to the community that your voices are important, and that we want them to be heard! We want you to explore your experiences, your feelings, your ideas, and your creativity… and we want you to know you can do it at The Barn!

The goal of The Barn has always been to be a gathering space – a place that energizes creativity, encourages collaboration, and builds community! We’ve been so busy filling our calendar with a wide variety of programming to feed the mind, body, and soul and offer something for everyone that we overlooked something. It seems so small, but really, it’s a BIG something.

Not everyone knows how to find us, or that we’re here at all!

It’s hard to be a sign of hope, without a sign showing people where to go!

So now we ask you, our incredible friends and supporters – the “Barn Raisers” in the crowd – to contribute what you can to our “Sign of Hope” fund! Any amount that you can give, be it $5 or $500, will help us to literally provide a sign that a safe space to create, gather, and share ideas exists for all of us!

No Name Graphics has done a great job designing a three-part sign for the building (pictured right), and we’d love to have them get to work on building it, but we’re only half way to our funding goal! Help us finish the job!

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