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Tabitha Heisch


Live/Work Residency

Medium(s): Acrylics, watercolors, sculpty, soft glass, performance props (poi, staff, double staff,hoop, isolation hoops, fans, palm torches,and eating torches)

Company: Spectra Art

Contact: or message on Facebook


Perception of personal experiences shape our reality. Artists are constantly trying to make the connection and share the experience.

 Paintings and music pull you in because it’s almost as if a part of you already knows it. They can open you up to the big picture or remind you to appreciate the little things.

I’ve been here, seen this, felt this before…

Through these shared experiences we are able to change much more in ourselves and each other than we could ever possibly fathom.

Tabitha Heisch was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is currently residing at The Albany Barn. Her exploration in acrylics and aerosols often dive into deep divine feminine energy with mischievous undertones. Her shamanic patterns have you observing what can be found just beneath the surface of  your perceptions. Tabitha is also a performance artist that dances with fire utilizing a variety of props. She is proficient in poi, contact staff, double staves, hoop, isolation hoops, fans, palm torches and fleshing. She has been a member of the Albany Spin Jam community for seven years, which has given her the chance to perform her fire dance at the Hunter Mountain Torch Lighting Ceremony on several occasions. She has given performances at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, New York as well as Field of Horrors in Brunswick, New York. Tabitha is able to embody a wide variety of characters enabling her to adapt to the needs and wants of a specific event.

Tabitha worked under Jeff Bower to create an outdoor installation piece used as a stage set for Field of Horrors Haunted Hayride. The end result was voodoo ceremonial ground complete with eerie totems, voodoo dolls, two fire pits and a sacrificial alter.

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