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Michael LaPorte

Live/Work Residency

Michael LaPorte’s art has been one of constant exploration and self-discovery. Originally growing up in Schnectady, NY, of French-Canadian and Native Peoples decent (Mic-Mac/Mohwak), Michael started on his path after service in the United States Navy. After attending Schnectady County Community College, he found the open road calling, finally settling in Santa Fe, NM, where he became involved in working in the Native American Art world for over 25 years. Managing Native and Ethnic Art galleries in Santa Fe, as well as San Francisco and New Orleans. His passion for Art has led him to creating his own; first with poetry, and more recently, photography, where he has combined his love for music and performance, chronicling the music scence of Albany and the Lower East Side of New York City. Michael has been performing locally and regionally with The Andrew Wheeler Band, winners of the regional International Blues Challenge 2016, having represented the Capital Region Blues Society at the
IBC Challenge in Memphis, TN. in 2017.

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