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Emily Dorr

Live/Work Residency


Hailing from the Hudson Valley region, Emily Dorr relishes in the macabe, the comical, and the whimsical.  Not willing to stick to any one medium, she created an umbrella for all her creations called Fuzzy Gray Lines. Working with watercolor and ink, her art is full of bloodied animals, commissions for her rabid fans, and lo-brow comics featuring two foxes she calls Wry and Wit. Her work was most recently apart of the Mohawk Hudson Regional 2017 exhibition, curated by Jack Shear, and held in the Albany Institute of History and Art.  Dorr’s first solo show took place at Launch Pad Cooperative in Toledo, Ohio in 2013. In between those highlights, she has shown at galleries littered throughout the Capitol Region and every year she participates in the Albany Barn’s awe inspiring Fusion Anti-Gala event.

Her deviation from “strictly fine” art began in 2013 upon receiving her Bachelors of Fine Art with a concentration in Painting and Drawing from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Before that you could find her earning her Associate in Fine Art at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY. She currently lives and works in Albany, NY at the Albany Barn with two cats that are nasty in their own unique ways.



(photo credit: Leah Dorr Photography)



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