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Help our resident artist Daniel Summerhill get to the U.K.


Daniel B. Summerhill and Danielle Colin  are going on tour internationally!!!! They will be performing original poems and teaching workshops in cities such as Glasgow, London, Manchester, and Oxford in the U.K.

Though venues and promoters are covering parts of the trip, Daniel and Danielle will still need a significant amount of help for travel expenses and lodging.

They will be going on tour August 22nd through August 30th and need to secure lodging and airfare as soon as possible. They are trying to reach their goal by July 15th.

This tour means alot to both poets. For Daniel, this will be his debut outside the United States performing poetry and he has dreamed of his poetry taking him around the world since he was in middle school.

We are extremely thankful for donations of any amount and appreciate the support of art being universal and intercontinental.

Please help support our artist and make their dream come true by donating at the following link.

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