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Barn Life: Sion Hardy

This month we chatted with Sion Hardy, a local 16 year old artist currently showing work in our Child’s Play exhibition at Stage 1, about her love of color and where she finds inspiration. 

How did you hear about The Barn?
I first heard about the barn when I was speaking to my sister about how I wanted to become more popular and known as a artist. She recommended that I email the Barn to see if I could participate in any of  your exhibitions so I could be more active in the community with my artwork. When I heard that you guys wanted me to participate in the Childs play exhibition, I was so excited. The barn gave me a chance to finally exhibit my work.
 Tell us a little bit about your work?
My work is very colorful and cartoon  like. I have always had the unrealistic cartoon like drawing style eversince I started drawing. The characters and animals that I create in my paintings are often inspired by things I see on social media or my favorite things. For example, my favorite animal is a dinosaur so I tend to paint them a lot in different styles. Color is VERY important in my artwork. The colors that I use always make the picture what it is. I always use a lot of different combinations of colors in all my pictures because I  think that it makes them unique. Another thing about my work is that I don’t add much detail to what I’m painting because I want the viewers to focus more on the beauty of the colors of the picture rather than the detail or how real it looks. I want to generate peoples imaginations through my paintings.
Who or what inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Sometimes I get random inspiration from things that may be simple, like a cardboard box or a magazine cover. Sometime I get a random epiphany about a project I want to start. I never know for sure when I will become inspired or what will inspire me. One thing that interests me the most are animals and their behaviors and that is a large part of my inspiration. When I’m not sure what to paint I usually look at random pictures of animals and think about how I can make them look cooler than they already are. Objects as a whole just inspire me because I want to make them look cooler or show a different perspective on simple things.
What’s up next for you and your work?
 I am currently working on a surprise collection of 25 pieces where I will not be showing any of the pieces until I am done with all 25, then I will release them all along with my other pieces at and art show that I am planning this summer. I will also be exhibiting my artwork at many upcoming events such as the black fest and other festivals and exhibitions. I am always constantly working on pieces as much as I can and keeping my love for art alive. I have big plans for my artwork in the future.

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