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The Barn

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Featured Artist: Sam Davies

Each month, we will feature one of the talented artists that live and work in The Barn, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn.

A Conversation with Sam Davies

What is the medium of art in which you work?
My main medium is oil applied on canvas, but this doesn’t stop me from exploring performance pieces… then again I tend to favor pen and ink for sketches and pastels for large drawings.

Who is your favorite artist and why?
This is another tough question for any artist. If I was giving my staple answer for a conversation with a stranger it would be Francis Bacon because he taps into the far side of dreams and really messed up relationships. His work tends to relate to the feelings I attempt to portray. There is the entire movement leading up to pop art that expresses consumerism growing control over humanity and individual choice which is my true passion that many do not hear about.

How has your work evolved in the past 5 years?
Well the last five years have been my late twenties so id have to say my art has changed a ton. In the beginning, the focus was intently on interpreting what others could not: Taking an individuals dream and making it a surreal landscape. This transitioned into small works, loosened brush stroke to a few abstract faint drawings and now giving up on painting dreams entirely. When given the space I perform sleep deprivation projects that bring forward my inner thoughts, dreams and demons. Now with a performance here and there my paintings began reflecting the intimate connection between two people. I expect to continue to grow into a recognizable style that shows my knowledge of where I have come from and where I am headed.

What is your favorite part about living and working at The Barn?
The excitement of being around creatively driven people. You can ask any question around here, like do you have any medical drawings of a stomach? and your neighbors understand you and ask what you are working on. We all just want to create art and see it out in the world. Its really motivating when you hear about your neighbor finishing a piece they’ve been working on, or you’re walking down the hall and hear them nailing that song for the first time.

What’s up next for you and your work?
My 2016 art goals will be to complete another 72 hour sleep deprivation project and to finish the 21 relationship paintings. I can think of a handful of performance pieces I’d love to get off the ground. Just get my ideas out into the world!


You can learn more about Sam by visiting her website, or check her out on Instagram or Facebook.

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