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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210



Barn Life: Andrew Koszuta

Each month, we will feature one of the talented artists that utilize The Barn to shape their work, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn.


Band Name:  Doomsday Virus

Genre:  Industrial

Members (left-right in photo):  Matt Vellocet (live synths, recording engineer), N.Dru Virus (vocals, synth/drum programming), RaHb Eleven (guitars, synth/drum programming)

How did you hear about Albany Barn?
I first heard of The Barn through coverage in the local papers, Times Union and Metroland.  It sounded like something really cool and positive for the local arts community so I paid attention as things developed.
How do you utilize the facilities at The Barn?
Our band, Doomsday Virus, rehearses in one of the spaces about once per week.  I actually didn’t even know about the music side of the house until someone mentioned it in a random Facebook post.  At the time we were looking for options in the area so we checked it out.
What’s your favorite thing about rehearsing at The Barn?
Aside from the fact that the room itself is nice (and appropriately climate controlled!), we enjoy the ever changing array of artwork adorning the walls of the main performance space.  Being at The Barn on weekly basis also allows us to keep up on events more easily, even if we can’t always go to as many as we’d like.
What’s next for your band?
After a multi-year hiatus, we just wrapped up recording a new album that will be out in early 2016.  We plan on following up on that with a string of shows locally and around the northeast.  It’s going to be an exciting time for us!

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