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Multi-Media Exhibit, "ANIMALIA" to Open July 5th

ALBANY, NY – Albany Barn, Inc. will present “ANIMALIA” on Friday, July 5th, 2013, at Stage 1, Albany Barn’s headquarters and community art space located at 46-48 North Swan Street. A reception will be held from 5:00pm – 9:00pm in conjunction with the monthly “1st Friday” arts walk in the City of Albany. Refreshments will be served. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of July. Admission is free.

“ANIMALIA” features drawings, sculpture, and video from artists Suzanne Boatenreiter, Lisa Harris, Colin Boyd, Denise Kelty, Molly Stinchfield, and Georgia Wohnsen. Each artist explores man’s relationship with nature, using animals or totems to represent varying aspects of  human nature. There will be a special screening and performance from Lisa Harris’s video opera, Cry of the Third Eye, Act 1 at 7pm.

Suzanne Boatenreiter’s work is guided by intuition and often contains an autobiographical context. This position of locality expands to a more global exploration of the human condition Recently, she has created and perform as a character named Fu*Ma to investigate her place as a first generation Korean-American. Fu*Ma appears in collages as a visible witness to the personal and impersonal histories of North Korea, South Korea, and U.S. military citizenship.

Suzanne states, “Fu*ma (pronounced foo-mah) is a furry, preverbal, cute, child-clown whom I perform as, as a means to explore my Self, it’s history, and the human condition. Fu*Ma is an archetype of innocence whose environ is often chaotic and tumultuous. In this exhibition I present, Fu*Ma’s Monologue and &#W($*#T@!$F#!!!, both pieces are a plea for empathy, revealing the pathos and angst of Fu*ma.

Lisa Harris is a new opera composer/ performer, filmmaker and community organizer. The Texas based producer of many talents: writer, songwriter, storyteller, lyricist/ composer, filmmaker and director, formally studied Opera/Vocal Performance at the Mannes College of Music (BM) and the Manhattan School of Music (MM). She has performed as a soloist at Lincoln Center, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Houston Grand Opera and Aspen Opera Theatre Center.  She has exhibited her original works/ compositions at Paul Rogers Gallery (NYC), The Ensemble Theatre(TX), The August Wilson Center (PA), L’Opéra Nationale de Paris (FR), The Houston Museum of African American Culture and the W.E.B. du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture(GH).  She is a New Horizon Fellow, a recipient of The Peter Gross Professional Grant, the Marcus Wahl Award for Outstanding Vocal Graduate, and a finalist in the Leontyne Price Vocal Arts Competition and the James T. Townsend Competition. In  2011, she received an Individual Artist Grant from the Houston Arts Alliance, which supported the creation of her latest work, “CRY OF THE THIRD EYE- a new opera film”

Colin Boyd “Profoundly inspired by the history and study of Natural History as well as the presentation of information and specimens in museums my work has focused on creating dioramas that illustrate uncanny narratives of the subjects.  The underlying nature of this work for me depends on a phenomenological relationship with nature, one that explores allegorical opportunities and sways far from the scientific standard.”

Colin’s works in this show are revisions of well know myths such as Romulus and Remus and the folklore connecting the Tortoise to bearing the world. In the works the subjects of the myths have been altered to suggest an alternative reflection on their meaning.

Denise Kelty Born in upstate New York in 1975, Denise Kelty is an artist whose strongest influences come from nature, earth science, anthropology, and multi-cultural folklore and mythology.  She attended college at Munson Williams Proctor Institute of Art and transferred to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1995, completing a BFA with a concentration in sculpture as well as a 2nd BA in design.  She remained in North Carolina as a practicing artist and graphic designer creating with mixed media, including photography, painting, drawing, bronze, concrete, stone, wood and ceramics.  Recently relocated to her hometown of Middleburgh, NY in 2012, Denise continues to explore art with the influences of the environments and people that originally inspired her work.

Molly Stinchfield is a queer and feminist New York based multi-media artist who utilizes video, drawing, printmaking, photography, writing and performance to investigate the body as a symbol for power imbalances and how social categories can lead to discrimination and injury.  She received her BFA from SUNY Purchase, her MFA from California Institute of the Arts, and grants and scholarships from CalArts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Manhattan Graphics Center, and Richard and Dolly Maas. She states, “Animals as mythic symbols are uniquely capable of telling the tales of our flawed humanity. I also represent pain with or on body as an allegorical site for the effects of a macro-level societal pain: repression, torture, and discrimination. Individual victimization exists in the context of unequal relationships, leaving the victims to resolve personal trauma as if they had produced it.  Picturing these stories in the public sphere threatens the status quo, which maintains economic productivity and rationality at the cost of emotional and physical wellness. Every individual who recognizes his or her position in the political macrocosm can be empowered to replace the effects of negation with healing and strength. I use my art to engender that process.”

Georgia Wohnsen is an artist living and working in Troy, New York. Exploiting the upstate cultural landscape by reflecting on her upbringing in the small southern Adirondack town of Dolgeville, her work is prideful in its regionalism. She received an MFA degree in 2011 from the University at Albany and has exhibited locally in various gallery shows and institutions, including the annual juried Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region exhibition. As an artist calling the upstate New York region home; her work derives exclusively from a personal history within this local landscape. She states, “Upstate New York offers a vast breadth of unique inspiration within both its environmental, as well as cultural, landscapes. Using mixed media and materials, I manipulate the varying perspectives of; resident, “the local”, anthropologist, marketing campaign manager, and naïve tourist, to create my own tokens of territorial significance and document the legacy of this distinct area.”


WHAT:  “ANAMALIA”, in conjunction with “1st Friday” Arts Walk

DATE: Friday, July 5, 2013

WHERE: Stage 1, 46-48 North Swan St., Albany, NY 12210

TIME: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Work by Denise Kelty
Work by Denise Kelty
Work by Molly Stinchfield
Work by Molly Stinchfield
Video by Suzanne Boatenreiter
Video by Suzanne Boatenreiter
Work by Georgia Wohnsen
Work by Georgia Wohnsen
Sculpture by Colin Boyd
Sculpture by Colin Boyd


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