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Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art

Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art

Albany Barn, Inc. will present “Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art” on Friday, May 3rd, 2013, at Stage 1

Albany Barn’s headquarters and community art space located at 46-48 North Swan Street. A reception will be held from 5:00pm – 9:00pm in conjunction with the monthly “1st Friday” arts walk in the City of Albany. Refreshments will be served courtesy of 99 Restaurant. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of May. Admission is free.

Seeing Green” features work in a variety of mediums from local artists Nicolette Callaway, Cheryl Gowie, Nicole Levy, Ruxana Saifi, and Grace Tatara. The exhibit will also feature artwork from six local students, winners of our 2nd annual city-wide “Building Communities” Youth Art Contest, hosted by Albany Barn and the Albany County District Attorney’s office, and sponsored by Arlene’s Artist Materials, 99 Restaurant, The Spectrum Movie Theatre, and The Fountain Pizzeria.

Nicolette Callaway describes her method as “painting with paper.” She recycles old fashion and gossip magazines, using the pages to create colorful collage pieces. The subjects of her work are totem animals, depicted in settings inspired by the four elements: earth, fire, water and wind. Her work is symbolic on multiple levels. Not only does each totem animal represent different emotional and personality traits, but the very method of her work is a social commentary reimagining the vapid culture purported by celebrity magazines, and the, “dissociative consumerism they promote, into pieces that speak to how we as humans do connect with each other and with our natural world.”

Cheryl Gowie is a professor of educational at Siena College, as well as an accomplished photographer, who has studied with Carlan Tapp and David Middleton, through Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Her award winning work has been featured regionally at local galleries, shops, and festivals. Gowie has always had a deep love of wildlife, landscape, and wildflowers, and her work features flora and fauna in both local and distant environments. Through her work she seeks to inspire people to want to preserve the beauty that she captures in each photo. It is her hope that helping others to see the beauty of the natural world will encourage all of us to care for the earth.

Nicole Levy seeks to highlight the beauty and whimsy of life through her mixed media work and DIY projects. Using re-purposed materials, she breathes new life into objects by creating three dimensional collages. Her work in this exhibit will feature work from her lace series, in which she uses lace patterns and other materials, combined with sketch work, to create playful works of art.

Ruxana Saifi
grew up in the city of Hyderabad, in India, and has been living in Albany since 1986. Growing up in India, Saifi continues to be influenced by the vibrant culture and rich colors that surrounded her, as well as the creativity that runs in her family. Her first impressions of American society centered around the vast throw away culture that permeates all aspects of life, especially waste from fast food chains and shopping centers. Just as Ruxana seeks to recycle anything she can in her everyday life, her work is also a testament to creative ways of reusing materials, specifically junk mail and old address labels. Saifi states, “My faith in my creator and this beautiful planet, a very supportive husband and our three good hearted and artistically blessed children, is why I can do what I enjoy every day.”

Grace Tatara is an abstract artist working in various mediums. A constant in her work is color. Grace graduated with her BFA in Painting from Sage College of Albany in 2009. She achieved Magna Cum Laude with Program Excellence Honors. In that time, Grace gained experience working at Opalka Gallery, where she learned installs of shows, as well as the different facets that exist within a gallery. She is currently working at Martinez Gallery in Troy, NY and will be exhibiting work crafted from sheet metal. Using abstract painting techniques, Tatara reassigns new aesthetic value to objects that would otherwise be deemed unusable.

WHAT:  “Seeing Green: Environmentally Conscious Art” Opening Reception, in conjunction with “1st Friday” Arts Walk
DATE: Friday, May 3, 2013
WHERE: Stage 1, 46-48 North Swan St., Albany, NY 12210
TIME: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

About Albany Barn
Albany Barn is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing a permanent, sustainable creative arts incubator and community art center in Albany, NY.  Albany Barn has partnered with the Albany Housing Authority and City of Albany to redevelop St. Joseph’s Academy, a long-vacant former school building in the City’s Arbor Hill neighborhood, into 22 low-cost live-work apartments for artists, and 12,000+ square feet of multi-tenant creative enterprise and program space.  The project is called “The Barn/Academy Lofts.”  Significant funding for the The Barn/Academy Lofts has been secured and the renovation of St. Joseph’s Academy is currently expected to complete in late 2013. Stage 1 is located one block from St. Joseph’s Academy. ” Seeing Green” is produced by Albany Barn, Inc.  Albany Barn is a local nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization developing a permanent creative arts incubator and community arts center in Albany, NY called The Barn. Albany Barn has partnered with the Albany Housing Authority and the City of Albany to redevelop St. Joseph’s Academy, a long-vacant former school building in the Arbor Hill neighborhood, for that purpose. Stage 1 is located one block from St. Joseph’s Academy.

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