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I AM: Albany

On Friday, August 3, Albany Barn will present a new exhibition at Stage 1, Albany Barn’s storefront art space located at 46 North Swan Street, called “I AM: Albany,” a collection of self portraits taken by students at Arbor Hill Elementary School.  I AM: Albany will open in conjunction with the monthly “1st Friday” arts walk from 5pm to 9pm.  Refreshments will be served and the 1st Friday Trolley will provide complimentary transportation to and from Stage 1. Admission is free.

Albany Barn partnered with artist Sasha Sicurella of the I AM: International Foundation to offer “I AM: Albany,” a photography workshop, to 22 second-grade students at the Arbor Hill Elementary School.  Based on the idea of self-portraiture, the children were encouraged to create expressive artworks using a variety of media over three two-hour classes between May 30th-June 13th.  The capstone of the experience was an “interactive self-portrait” where children took their own photographs using a remote control and high-resolution camera on a tripod. These portraits comprise the eponymous installation at Stage 1 and will go on to appear in exhibitions internationally.

Sasha Sicurella is a Canadian-born arts education specialist who founded the I AM: International Foundation in 2010. Educated in visual arts and photography, Sicurella received her MFA from New York University in 2002. She taught art to students ages 3-18 in both public and independent American school systems and continues to develop arts enrichment programs at local schools in her community. Recognizing the need for all children to have the right to creative, individualized experiences, and the potential for cross-cultural enrichment for her own students, Sicurella embarked on the mission to bring meaningful art making to underprivileged children on a global scale.

“The further I travel and the more projects I complete, the more apparent it becomes that children share inherently similar emotions, desired, needs, and impulses. They are curious and funny, spontaneous and silly, shy at times and at times eager to be noticed,” explains Sicurella.

I AM: Albany will remain on display through the month of August.

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About the Organizations
I AM: International Foundation aims to give underprivileged children hands-on opportunities to explore identity through art and self-portrait photography. Through workshops conducted in schools, community groups, orphanages, and non- government organizations, each child gains an understanding of his/her value, potential, and beauty as a unique person. To date, I AM: Projects have included; I AM: India, I AM: Ethiopia, I AM: Israel, I AM: France, I AM: Jamaica, I AM: Mexico, I AM: Romania, and I AM: Italy. In 2011, the Homegrown Project Series was initiated to conduct local projects in communities and schools the United States.

Albany Barn, Inc is a local nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization developing a permanent creative arts incubator and community arts center in Albany, NY called The Barn. Albany Barn has partnered with the Albany Housing Authority and the City of Albany to redevelop St. Joseph’s Academy, a long-vacant former school building in the Arbor Hill neighborhood, for that purpose. Stage 1 is located one block from St. Joseph’s Academy.

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WHAT:  “I AM: Albany” Opening Reception, in conjunction with “1st Friday” Arts Walk
DATE: Friday, Aug. 3, 2012
WHERE: Stage 1, 46 North Swan St., Albany, NY 12210
TIME: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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