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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210





We had a full house at Stage 1 on Friday, June 22nd to celebrate the start of construction at St. Joseph’s Academy, future home of The Barn/Academy Lofts creative arts incubator & community arts center.

“Groundbreaking” commemorated the century-long odyssey of St. Joseph’s Academy from school and community center into decay and now imminent rebirth.  “Lost and Found,” the featured exhibition of photography by Jesse Bouley, Paul Gallo, Darren Ketchum, and Julia Zave illuminating a pre-construction St. Joseph’s Academy, was juxtaposed with year books, desks, and other ephemera in a permanent exhibition on the history of the building, and full color reliefs and floor plans for the new Barn/Academy Lofts.  Present, Past and Future.

The Chefs Consortium created their own juxtaposition of artful and delectable dishes prepared from locally-sourced ingredients by chefs Noel Conklin, Lindsey Garner, Rebecca Joyner, Ellie Markovitch, and Ric Orlando. Guests enjoyed three different brews from Chatham Brewery and a broad selection of New York Wines handpicked – and poured – by Diane Conroy-LaCivita from Harmony House Marketplace in Cohoes.  It was an absolute pleasure (and absolutely delicious) working with the Chef’s Consortium and we look forward to future collaborations!

Thank you to everyone who attended Groundbreaking and especially our Hard Hat Committee members, who “dug” even more deeply for our Raise The Barn campaign!

Hard Hat Committee Members
Albany Housing Authority
Jennifer Amstutz and Spencer Warnick
Edwin Anker
M Christian Bender
Marcie Bergan and Rob Macklin
Bishop Beaudry Construction
Michelle Cornman
Laura Darman
Shannon Fitzpatrick
Jamison Flora
Price Goosby
Edwina Halsey
John Hart
Kristen Holler
Lara Kassel
Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin
Douglas Melnick and Sarah Sorensen
Kristine Monahan
Jeff and Janel Mirel
Alexander Monticello
Laurie Naranch
Mel Quinlan and John Oberlander
Todd Ritschdorff
Lucas Ruglis
Laura Schultz
Nancy Sciocchetti
Katherine Sheehan
Alana Sparrow and Jesse Matulis
Laurie Springer
Lisa Stratton
James Waugaman

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