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Real World Education

ALBANY, NY  — Albany Barn, Inc. will present “UniverCITY” on Friday, May 4, 2012, at Stage 1, Albany Barn’s headquarters and community art space located at 46-48 North Swan Street. A reception will be held from 5:00pm – 9:00pm in conjunction with the monthly “1st Friday” arts walk in the City of Albany. Refreshments will be served and the 1st Friday Trolley will provide complimentary transportation to and from the venue. The artwork will be on display throughout May. Admission is free.

Albany Barn and the Albany Poets will also present “From the Page to the Stage,” a poetry and spoken word performance by teenagers who participated in a workshop led by Dan Wilcox and Mojavi Wright. The performance will be emceed by Thom Francis. The program was made possible in part through a Community Art$Grant, a program funded by the Arts Center of the Capital Region through the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

About the Artists:
Mandi Coburn is pursuing her Masters in Art Education at the College of Saint Rose. A simple spot of ink on paper inspires her to create an imaginary world that becomes organic, bodily, and life-like. Some of what occurs on the paper is spontaneous, but it is also through her control and manipulation of the spontaneity that the creation comes into being. Layer after layer of ink helps build the space and develop transparencies. It is through this sequence of events that a clear, yet mystifying, space is formed.

Kayla Coons is a freshman at Sage College of Albany as a freshman, majoring in photography. Her photos, drawings and paintings are mostly of people; she is greatly interested in the human body, and believes that it is the most complex beautiful thing.

Kathryn Dahlgren is a junior at Sage College of Albany. She loves to work with all forms and styles of design but still has a strong love for drawing with a pen on paper. Her preferred style is when she can combine these two elements into one cohesive piece.

Nicolette DeMagistrisis is pursuing her Masters in Art Education at Sage Graduate School. Her preferred medium is watercolor, and her favorite subject is landscape.

Amanda DeMarco is pursuing her Master’s in Art Education at Sage Graduate School. A large portion of her work reflects on a medical emergency she experienced in her senior year of undergraduate school. She has created paintings that helped her work through the trauma and shock she was facing as she was going through that situation.

Arie Hilts is currently a sophomore at SUNY Sullivan College and will be attending Buffalo State College in the fall to pursue a B.S in Fashion and Textile Technology. She is also an active member of the SGA, and the President of the Entertainment Committee. Her art pieces consist of oil pastel and/or acrylic paint.

Emily Host is a junior at Sage College of Albany. She is currently in the Graphics and Media Design program so most of her work is digital, however she loves to do some monoprinting on the side. She has always been fascinated with cars, partly because her dad is a mechanic and an avid drag racer. Much of her content is based on mechanical aspects and has a lot of energy throughout the piece. Some pieces are very blunt in showing it, while others can be harder to pinpoint.

Eugene O’Neill is a senior at The College of Saint Rose and will be graduating in late 2012 with a BFA in Art Education.  His concentration is in printmaking; his art combines techniques from
multiple methods of the medium.  He creates imagery that uses organic and lucid forms to construct narrative landscapes.

Jessica Scarpa is a junior at Sage College of Albany. She is a photography major who works mostly with portraiture. She enjoys creating scenarios or story lines and developing an image to coincide with that story. After working with black and white film for several years, she now prefers working with colored and digital photography because she can apply the constructive knowledge she has learned from film to new technology.

Rose Silberman-Gorn. As a young artist, she considers her art to be quite versatile, though it does have many common threads. She loves portraits and surrealism, so she usually ends up combining them. She has a vivid imagination, so she also ends up drawing lots of strange creatures and scenarios. She would love for her art to go in a million different directions, while still maintaining its slightly creepy, whimsical, and cute feeling and aesthetic.

Kathleen Wolford is a freshman at Sage College of Albany. She is naturally drawn to the three dimensional nature of sculpture, and finds that this medium expresses maximum sensuality and articulation of concept.  Some of her work was featured in the 2011 “Art in Three Dimensions” Capital Area Art Supervisors juried art show. She also works part time at a nearby children’s school, mentoring young artists in the classroom as an art teacher’s assistant.

Lindsey Wood is a junior at Sage College of Albany. She prefers to hand illustrate anything when possible and loves to bring her own hand-illustrated flair to her pieces. She also prefers to shoot digital photography, bringing in strong contrast and fashion elements into her photography.

What: Albany Barn presents “From Page to Stage” a spoken word teen performance and “UniverCITY” college student artwork.
Date: Friday, May 4, 2012
Where: Stage 1, 46-48 N. Swan Street, Albany NY 12210
Time: 5:00–9:00pm

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