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Artists to Watch – Sebastien Barre

Sebastien Barre is an engineer by day and photographer by night. Living in Albany, NY, this native of France moved to Upstate New York in 2011 and has developed an affinity for live performances, architecture, community events and abandoned buildings.

Sebastien’s work has been featured in 3 solo exhibitions and 12 group shows in the past year. He recently won an honorable mention at the 33rd Photo Regional hosted by Albany Center Gallery and has work on display at the 75th Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region located at the Albany Institute of History & Art.

“I grew up surrounded by old houses and the occasional ruin. I like to look at an abandoned building as a lost vessel that holds memories. Many of the places I visit feel like they had been occupied a week before. Chairs, desks, files, toys, folders, a can of soup, a last cup of coffee — a lot was left behind. These objects are now self-sufficient, they exist without us. One wonders who left them, too. Why was it so sudden? Who was the last person to flip the switch and how did they feel about it? I try to provide a glimpse into this world of chaos and decay before it inevitably gives way to something completely different old or new.” — Sebastien Barre


On here I talk about specific sites now and then see:


Sebastien’s email:

Sebastien’s photography, along with the works of fellow local photographers Paul Gallo and Darren Ketchum will be on display and for sale as part of Stage 1’s August gallery show.  Entitled ‘Forgive Our Trespasses,’ the kick-off of the event will occur on Friday, August 5th featuring a reception with the artists from 5 to 9pm.

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