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Artists to Watch – Paul Gallo

In the artists words:

‘Since first entering the darkroom, I’ve enjoyed the process of creating a photograph as much as taking the shot itself. When creating my own prints, I found photography to be fulfilling in a way that a point-and-shoot could not offer. But it wasn’t until 2008, when I purchased my first digital SLR, that I knew that photography would become a real passion in my life. I was no longer limited by the number of frames I could shoot or the methods available to process my images. I’ve been learning by experimentation ever since.’

‘Like many people, I’ve always had a fascination with what lies on the other side of a door labeled ‘keep out’. I love the adventure of walking through an old mill, hospital, or hotel – discovering artifacts from the previous inhabitants and imagining the story of each object left behind. In the last few years, I’ve been fortunate to photograph a number of unique structures; documenting the period of time between disuse and demolition.’

Paul’s photography, along with the works of fellow local photographers Sebastien Barre and Darren Ketchum will be on display and for sale as part of Stage 1’s August gallery show.  Entitled ‘Forgive Our Trespasses,’ the kick-off of the event will occur on Friday, August 5th featuring a reception with the artists from 5 to 9pm.

Paul’s collection:

Paul’s email:

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