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Artists to Watch – Darren Ketchum

In the artist’s words:

‘I am a self taught photographer. Like many photographers, I started taking photographs on a 35mm camera and bought a digital point and shoot when they first came out. I loved the ease of use and instant gratification, but missed the fine details and quality that film offered. The loss of quality forced me back to 35mm until the quality of digital photographs improved.

Exploring abandoned buildings renewed my love of photography. I started exploring abandoned buildings in 2007 without a camera. I eventually started going with a point and shoot camera and took pictures to document the facilities. As I reviewed them, I discovered that the various levels of nature’s reclamation mixed with the items left behind created a unique and photo. I graduated to a professional camera in 2008, and have been honing my style with every building I explore.

My initial interest in abandoned buildings started with multiple industrial locations in New York that I have watched decay since the early ’90s. For me an abandoned building, is not just about the daily activities that once took place inside, but I also consider the effect on the community. So many of these industrial facilities helped form the cities along the Mohawk River, and now these facilities sit vacant as a hollow reminder of how grand they used to be. My love for history, and constant curiosity, helped me to have the courage one day to enter one of these places to see what was left.

Since 2007 I have explored countless abandoned locations in the New England region. Every weekend I embark on another road trip, and explore as many abandoned locations as I can along the way. I have travelled as far as Detroit, Michigan and hope to see Chernobyl and a few other European locations in the near future.’

Darren’s collection:

Darren’s email:

Darren’s photography, along with the works of fellow local photographers Paul Gallo and Sebastien Barre will be on display and for sale as part of Stage 1’s August gallery show.  Entitled ‘Forgive Our Trespasses,’ the kick-off of the event will occur on Friday, August 5th featuring a reception with the artists from 5 to 9pm.

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