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Art For ALS

The ASAP Daisies present “Art for ALS” – an art exhibit and silent auction to benefit St. Peter’s ALS Regional Center. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a fatal, degenerative neuromuscular disease affecting motor nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Over time one loses their ability to move, speak, swallow and breathe.

This event is being held to not only raise money for the patients at the ALS Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital, but also to raise awareness about the disease itself and its devastating effects on patients and their families. Art for ALS will take place Saturday, June 4 from 5-8 PM at the Albany Barn Stage 1, 46-48 North Swan St. in Albany. There is a $5 donation at the door. The exhibit and silent auction will feature a variety of mediums by local and regional artists. The event also includes wine, appetizers, and music by Palatypus. There will be a preview of the silent auction First Friday June 3 at Stage 1. For more information, visit or call 757-646-1813

The Albany Society for the Advancement of Philanthropy is a non-profit organization with the express purpose of encouraging others to do well by their fellow man. The society (ASAP for short) was founded in August of 2004 by nine young professionals, and has since grown to over 40 members. ASAP was started as a way to give back to the Albany area in a way that was enjoyable for all involved; to encourage philanthropy and have a good time while doing so. As the ASAP logo famously states, members are asked only to “relax and encourage”. This motto captures the ASAP ideal: that it is possible to do well by your fellow man while having a good time. ASAP believes that encouraging philanthropy should not be seen as a chore, but as something enjoyable and rewarding.

The ASAP Daisies were formed in November of 2009 by a group of young women who wanted to further the goals and accomplishments of ASAP. With the backing support of the original ASAP members, the Daisies strive to facilitate even more good deeds throughout the community. Past events organized by the Daisies include The Hunt for Purple October, a Domestic Violence Awareness Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Albany.


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