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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210




An X-Ray Towards The Future

As The Barn continues it’s evolution, we’re putting you in the driver’s seat.  Here is a look at the blueprints of St. Joseph’s Academy and how we envision it to look like upon completion.  We’re offering you a first look at the projected ‘innards,’ and we’d love to get your feedback!

We are experiencing some exciting developments on the Facilities Team.  We have been meeting with our Project Architects, Developers, and the Albany Housing Authority over the past few months to solidify the floor plans for the renovation of St. Joeseph’s Academy, the future home of The Barn (to see the latest floor plans and tell us what you think, click here).  In addition, our developer partners has been working diligently to find buyers for tax credits which are a source of funding for the project.  They report that the demand has been strong and anticipate no problems in securing the remaining capital for the project.  We will be working on completing the design plans in the next month and then moving to start construction in late 2011!

The First Floor of the Albany Barn will feature a mix of commercial space devoted to performance space, work studios (expandable to large group studios), a community/multipurpose room, café space and offices.  The original school gymnasium and stage will be repurposed as a dance studio, exhibition, performance/rehearsal and programming space.  The first floor will also house three artist loft apartments served by a separate, controlled entrance.

The Second Floor of the Barn will house a variety of rentable art studio spaces as well as rehearsal suites surrounding a balcony overlooking the first floor performance space.  A fully equipped multi-media computer lab is also located on the second floor.  Another three loft apartments will be located on the East side of the building.

The Third and Fourth Floors will include 8 loft and 8, 1-Bedroom apartments.  These spaces are original classrooms that will be converted into apartments and will maintain period architectural details in each space. Each unit will feature 13′ high ceilings and 5’x9′ windows affording an abundance of natural light and spaciousness.  The private and secure entry to the apartments is separate from the commercial rental spaces and each floor will be served by a centrally located elevator.

So?  What do you think?  Please free to pass along your questions, comments and feedback to today!

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