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Barn Life: Patrick White

Each month, we will feature one of the talented artists that utilize The Barn to shape their work, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn.
This month we sat down with
Patrick White, local actor, director, and creator of Acting Class with Patrick White.

How did you hear about The Barn? I’ve known about The Barn for years since before it was open, and I’m always reading stories and looking into The Barn and what’s happening there. I’ve made it a point to see as many theatrical productions at The Barn as possible because I believe it is essential to have new theatrical spaces in downtown Albany. Over the past couple of years I’ve seen “Bent,” “A Steady Rain,” “The Rejection Project” and “Dog Sees God.”

How do you utilize space at The Barn? My acting class and I used the stage for one night to put on a scene night.

What was your favorite thing about working at The Barn? Everything came together very easily. Support from Casey, Nick Nealon with lights, Nate Frank with Sound and Adam Wilson doing photographs all did a day’s worth of tech in like 15 minutes. I also loved that people just wandered in off the street to see what was going on, stuck around and then filmed a bit on their phone and left half an hour later.

What’s up next for your acting class? It’s up to them. That’s really the exciting part. How are they going to influence and transform Capital Region theater? I’m doing another Scene Night with them on May 10th at The Barn. They were all so excited about and happy about the first one, I can easily see them form a theater company if only to produce one show. But, of course then, once bitten…


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