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Barn Life: Derrick Horton & The Jay Street Band

Each month, we feature one of the talented artists that utilize The Barn to shape their work, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn.
This month we sat down with Dr. Horton, lead singer of Derrick Horton & The Jay Street Band.
How did you hear about The Barn?
I heard about the Barn via word-of-mouth!! There was a buzz out in the community about the Barn being a great place for artists!! I thought it would be perfect for my band, “Derrick Horton and the Jay Street Band!”
How do you utilize space at The Barn?
We use the Barn as a place to practice. We practice at the Barn typically once a week–twice a week when we have a big show coming up.
What’s your favorite thing about rehearsing at The Barn?
There are several things about the Barn that we like. First, it’s a safe, modern facility. Second, it’s reasonably priced. Finally, it’s great place to meet other artists of all types. It is truly an artistic community!!!
What’s up next for Derrick Horton & The Jay Street Band?

We will be releasing their first single, “Break It Down” at the end of January!! We are also embarking on our “Back to the People” Tour with a big concert at the Barn on Saturday April 30th 6-8pm!!!  It’s a benefit cuts concert with the proceeds to be donated to the American Cancer Society!!! We invite everyone to attend!!!

Facebook page: Derrick Horton and the Jay Street Band.

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