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The Barn

56 2nd Street
Albany, NY 12210

Stage 1

46-48 North Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210



Christie Olson

Work-Only Residency Medium(s): Photography, Mixed Media Photography has always been the outcast in the art scene, so has Christie. Abstract art is messy and confusing, so is Christie. When creating her mixed media pieces, Christie uses past trauma, combined with…

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C.M Waggoner

Artistic Focus: Writing Social Media Twitter Instagram Purchase C.M Waggoner's debut novel, Unnatural Magic, here! C.M. Waggoner grew up in rural Rensselaer county, where she spent a lot of time reading fantasy novels in a swamp. She studied creative writing at…

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Albany Law School

Schedule time with me BIO The Community Economic Development Clinic, based out of Albany Law School, is a legal resource for individuals and grassroots groups of long-time residents in low- income neighborhoods, as well as new immigrants, that don't have…

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