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Amber Limoges

Work-Only Residency
Medium: Paint

For the past half-decade, Amber Limoges’ work has centered around the creation of emotionally expressive abstract oil paintings. Combining her background in Psychology and Art, she draws from her inner states of mind, breaking away from reasoning and logic to enter intuitive and feeling states of being. She believes that society has become too mechanical and logic based which has caused massive stress and alienation from oneself and each other.  Emotions, and the ability to process internal feelings is what makes us human. Using art helps us to work out difficult emotions and get through the highs and lows of life. Bringing our feelings to the surface through art is Amber’s way of elevating vulnerability over productivity and competition. By exposing her inner life on canvas, Amber hopes to connect with the audience through the raw and vulnerable, where people can truly make deep contact.

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