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Support The Albany BarnAlbany Barn’s name originates from the age-old practice of barn raising, when a community came together to build a barn—a structure vital to a family’s livelihood—for one of its households. In turn, that family would contribute to the prosperity of the entire community.

In much the same way, Albany Barn is a community effort – our ability to “Raise The Barn” and at once lift our artists, youth and City neighborhoods will result directly from your generous investment.

How many hands does it take to raise a Barn? Become a member today and find out!

Memberships are a great way to show your support for Albany Barn and our resident artists, while also getting great perks like discounted studio rentals, access to member-only exhibition and commission opportunities, and more! Check out all the great perks below, then register online to ALBANY BARN INC at Razoo, or download our membership registration form!

Or send checks payable to “Albany Barn, Inc” to:

Albany Barn
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