“Stories and Art in the Park” kicks off July 11 at Washington Park!

Friday, July 8, 2016, By: kristen
Photo: Albany Public Library website

Albany Barn is pleased to once again partner with the Albany Public Library, City of Albany, and WMHT to bring Stories and Art in the Parks to Albany’s parks! Artist in residence Megan Ruch will lead youth (ages 2-5) through arts and crafts projects inspired by the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio! (more…)

CALLING ALL PARTY ANIMALS – 10th Birthday BARN-B-Q goes down FRIDAY, JUNE 24th!

Monday, June 20, 2016, By: kristen
birthday party

WE’RE TURNING 10 – let’s party!

Join us Friday, June 24th at 7:00 p.m. for a good ole fashioned BARN-B-Q featuring:

  • live music by Andrew Wheeler Electric Blues Band
  • carefully crafted tunes from resident DJ Jordan Hill
  • delicious international BBQ cuisine from MOGOMBO International and
  • art auctions –

…all to support The Barn, where craft becomes career, and creativity and collaboration are celebrated!

General Admission is just $25, or show us you’re a real PARTY ANIMAL and your ticket will include

  • limited edition commemorative gift and
  • 2 entries into our great raffles with prizes including art work, event tickets, and CAKES from Cuff’s Cakes!

Get your tickets TODAY or e-mail for more info!

Help our resident artist Daniel Summerhill get to the U.K.

Friday, June 17, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine
Daniel summerhill


Daniel B. Summerhill and Danielle Colin  are going on tour internationally!!!! They will be performing original poems and teaching workshops in cities such as Glasgow, London, Manchester, and Oxford in the U.K.

Though venues and promoters are covering parts of the trip, Daniel and Danielle will still need a significant amount of help for travel expenses and lodging.

They will be going on tour August 22nd through August 30th and need to secure lodging and airfare as soon as possible. They are trying to reach their goal by July 15th.

This tour means alot to both poets. For Daniel, this will be his debut outside the United States performing poetry and he has dreamed of his poetry taking him around the world since he was in middle school.

We are extremely thankful for donations of any amount and appreciate the support of art being universal and intercontinental.

Please help support our artist and make their dream come true by donating at the following link.

Barn Life: Sion Hardy

Friday, May 27, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine

This month we chatted with Sion Hardy, a local 16 year old artist currently showing work in our Child’s Play exhibition at Stage 1, about her love of color and where she finds inspiration. 

How did you hear about The Barn?
I first heard about the barn when I was speaking to my sister about how I wanted to become more popular and known as a artist. She recommended that I email the Barn to see if I could participate in any of  your exhibitions so I could be more active in the community with my artwork. When I heard that you guys wanted me to participate in the Childs play exhibition, I was so excited. The barn gave me a chance to finally exhibit my work.
 Tell us a little bit about your work?
My work is very colorful and cartoon  like. I have always had the unrealistic cartoon like drawing style eversince I started drawing. The characters and animals that I create in my paintings are often inspired by things I see on social media or my favorite things. For example, my favorite animal is a dinosaur so I tend to paint them a lot in different styles. Color is VERY important in my artwork. The colors that I use always make the picture what it is. I always use a lot of different combinations of colors in all my pictures because I  think that it makes them unique. Another thing about my work is that I don’t add much detail to what I’m painting because I want the viewers to focus more on the beauty of the colors of the picture rather than the detail or how real it looks. I want to generate peoples imaginations through my paintings.
Who or what inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Sometimes I get random inspiration from things that may be simple, like a cardboard box or a magazine cover. Sometime I get a random epiphany about a project I want to start. I never know for sure when I will become inspired or what will inspire me. One thing that interests me the most are animals and their behaviors and that is a large part of my inspiration. When I’m not sure what to paint I usually look at random pictures of animals and think about how I can make them look cooler than they already are. Objects as a whole just inspire me because I want to make them look cooler or show a different perspective on simple things.
What’s up next for you and your work?
 I am currently working on a surprise collection of 25 pieces where I will not be showing any of the pieces until I am done with all 25, then I will release them all along with my other pieces at and art show that I am planning this summer. I will also be exhibiting my artwork at many upcoming events such as the black fest and other festivals and exhibitions. I am always constantly working on pieces as much as I can and keeping my love for art alive. I have big plans for my artwork in the future.

Creative License’s LONELY, IM NOT opening tomorrow night at The Barn!

Thursday, May 19, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine
LIN poster image

“Lonely, I’m Not”

Written by Paul Weitz
Directed by Aaron Holbritter
Produced by Casey Polomaine & Aaron Holbritter
Starring Ian LaChance, Brigitta Giulianelli, Angela Buesing Potrikus, Richard Angehr, Rhiannon Antico, and Sam Lawkins

“This damaged-boy-meets-defensive-girl story has the sweet suspense, elliptical construction and off-kilter charm of an ideal Hollywood rom-com” (NY Times).

At an age when most people are discovering what they want to do with their lives, Porter has been married and divorced, earned seven figures as a corporate “ninja,” and had a nervous breakdown. It’s been four years since he’s had a job or a date, and he’s decided to give life another shot. LONELY, I’M NOT is a comic journey that follows Porter as he meets an ambitious, sightless young businesswoman who is overcoming her own obstacles to emotional success.

May 20 and 21 & June 3, 4, 10, 11
(There will be no performances May 28 and 29)
Tickets are $15.  All performances begin at 7:30pm.
The show runs approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

(note: an audio description for the visually impaired, read by Isaac Newberry, will accompany the June 4th performance)

Produced in association with Dramatists Play Service and the Albany County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Albany Barn hosts The Free School’s spring production: Charlotte’s Web!


Opening Friday, May 6 at 7pm, The Free School Theatre Program will present the classic tale of Charlotte’s Web! Students have been busily prepping, learning lines and blocking, coordinating musical numbers, and transforming The Barn into… well… a barn! Don’t miss this oh-so-adorable and applause worthy production! (more…)

First Friday Exhibition: Child’s Play @ Stage 1

Wednesday, May 4, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine

Join us this Friday, May 6th, for our opening reception of Child’s Play, an exhibition of works inspired by the whimsy, or awkwardness, of childhood.
The reception will take place at Stage 1 Gallery from 5-8pm.  The exhibition features work by Sion Hardy, Suzanne Hicks, Sonja LaPointe, Wendy Allen, Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, & Caitin McCourt.





Artist-in-Residence spotlight: Robert Ciampolillo

Wednesday, May 4, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine
photo by Lia Smaka

Each month, we will feature one of the talented artists that live and work in The Barn, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn. A conversation with Robert Ciampolillo:

What is the medium of art in which you work? Drawing with charcoal is my primary medium and where I feel the strongest as an artist, but I also do a lot of work with graphic design.  But lately I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different mediums, which is really exciting.

Who is your favorite artist/creative placemaker and why? I love Caravaggio-his artwork is very traditional, but he really pushed the boundaries of his time, and just lived his life with an outrageous attitude, which I find fascinating.  I’m also a big fan of Keith Haring and Van Gogh.

What is your favorite part about living and working at The Barn? Being able to connect with other artistic people.  The ability to cross the hall, knock on a door, and have another artist to bounce ideas off of has been really beneficial for me and my art.

What’s up next for you and your work? I’ve been displaying a lot of my work at The Flying Chicken in Troy for their Last Friday event.  I’m also working on a series for Albany ComicCon, where I’ll have a booth, that features prominent moments and issues featured in comic books reimagined and recreated with charcoal in large format.  Lastly, I’m working with another Barn resident artist on creating a local magazine.  So I have a lot of cool stuff in the works right now, and I’m really excited to see how they all play out.

Artist Spotlight: Michael LaPorte

Friday, March 25, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine
Portrait for Albany Barn

Each month, we will feature one of the talented artists that live and work in The Barn, and share with you their passions, projects, and thoughts on being a part of The Barn.
A conversation with Michael LaPorte:

What is the medium of art in which you work?

I started off years ago, after a stint in Schenectady County Community College as a Lit. Major, as a poet. I really had some quite romantic notions at the time of traveling across country a la Jack Kerouac, writing verse and generally raising hell. While I succeeded at the latter, the amount of verse I produced was negligible. Luckily, I landed in Santa Fe, NM., where I was able to find work in Native American Art galleries for several years, which sustained me for quite some time. It also gave me the opportunity to pursue my other passion, which is playing Blues Harmonica with local bands there, and more recently since I moved back East, my interest in Photography.

Who is your favorite artist/creative placemaker and why?

Boy…that is a tough question. I have so many artists I admire and respect. I would have to say, as far as my own work is concerned, for Photography, I greatly admire the work of the French Photographers Brassai and Henri Cartier-Bresson for being able to capture an essence of mystery and emotion in their still-life and street portraiture. I also am a fan of Dorothea Lange and Diane Arbus, who were able to capture people who might be living at the margins of society and infuse their portraits with grace and dignity while making social commentary at the same time. Lastly, I am a great admirer of the Rock Photographer Bob Gruen, who has shot many memorable photos of the New York City Punk scene of Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s from the late 1970’s. He was able to chronicle an important part of musical history, and his images of performers from that period seem to explode with energy when viewed.
For my music, there really is only one place to go for Blues Harp. I am greatly influenced by the musicians that made the trek from the rural Mississippi delta in the 1940s and ’50s to the more urban South-Side of Chicago. People like Muddy Waters, Little Walter, James Cotton and Junior Wells have all had a tremendous influence on my playing, as well as their devotee’s, such as Paul Butterfield and Mark Wenner of The Night Hawks. The script has pretty much been written by musicians of that caliber. I just am trying my best to follow their lead, and create Blues music that is real and authentic and does the genre credit.
 Overall though, if I had to pick only one artist I would think had the most influence on me, I would have to say Andy Warhol. Not so much for his aesthetic (which I greatly admire), but for the ability he had to travel between and experiment in so many different art forms. I like the fact that he had that kind of freedom to explore and create.

How has your work evolved in the past 5 years?

I went through some major life-altering events in my life 5 years ago. Without going into too much detail, suffice to say, I literally had to start my life over again from the bottom up. It was an extremely difficult, humbling and dark time for me. Art literally was a life-saver for me. I began making photographic trips down to NYC to give my life some balance from all the intense personal things I was dealing with.  Locally, I was lucky enough to hook up with a great bunch of friends and musicians to help me deal with and process a lot of the pent-up feelings I was going through. I think this ‘trial by fire’ really helped me by giving some real emotional content to the work I was producing on all fronts.

What is your favorite part about living and working at The Barn?

My favorite part about my Barn ‘experience’ so far are the amazing people that I have met living and creating here. There is such a wealth of talented artists from all backgrounds, age-groups, etc. that bring so much creativity to this place. I feel so honored and grateful to be here, and I’ve learned from everybody I’ve met. It is such a supportive environment, and Kristen and her staff do everything they can to help facilitate our dreams of trying to be successful at what we do. I don’t think I could have landed in a better place to follow my artistic dreams in Albany and turn them into reality.

What’s up next for you and your work?

My band, ‘The Andrew Wheeler Electric Blues Band’ is steadily making a dent into the local area Blues scene, so we are looking forward to the coming months to be playing around the area, and hopefully getting good enough to take our act on the road to hit some of the Blues festivals around the country. Also, since I have been recovering from some major ankle surgery I had last August, I have been somewhat of a hermit and recluse because of my recovery period. I’d like to maybe do some photographic road trips this summer. There is a lot happening in our country right now that needs to be chronicled. This is an important moment I think in our country’s history and I want to be there to witness and record it.

Classic Theater Guild’s CLYBOURNE PARK opens one week from today at The Barn!

Friday, March 11, 2016, By: Casey Polomaine

Classic Theater Guild presents Clybourne Park
Written by Bruce Morris
Directed by Karen Christina Jones

Bruce Morris’ Clybourne Park, a response play to Lorraine Hansbury’s A Raisin in the Sun, is a dramatic satire of the history of the Younger home in the fictional Chicago suburb. The two act play chronicles the history of 406 Clybourne Street from 1954 at the advent of the Civic Rights Movement to 2004 during the Age of Gentrification. The amazing cast consisting of George Filieau, Debra Bercier, John Quinan, Chevell Edwards, Tyler Pratt, Jessica JJ Paul, Evan Jones, Michael Sloman, and Barry Williams will be portraying a different character in each act. Classic Theater Guild is proud to present the Capital Region debut of the Pulitzer Prize winning play at the Albany Barn.

The production dates are Friday, March 18th at 7:30pm; Saturday, March 19th at 2:00pm and 7:30pm; Friday, March 25th at 7:30pm; Saturday, March 26th at 2:00pm and 7:30pm.

Tickets are $18.50 for general admission; $15.50 for students and seniors.

Visit our shop to purchase your tickets today!

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